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Cargo Coverage Insurance: Keeping Goods Safe From Origin To Destination

The transportation industry, with its many modes of conveyance (trucks, ships, railroad, etc.) plays a vital role in moving cargo from its origin with a manufacturer to its destination with a retailer or customer. Since this journey can frequently involve unexpected or potentially perilous situations, cargo insurance is essential to protect the business interests of shippers, carriers and warehousemen.

If you are an insurer offering cargo liability or warehouse legal liability coverage, our firm — McMickle, Kurey and Branch, LLP — can provide aggressive and skilled insurance defense services. We are based near Atlanta, Georgia, but we represent firms nationwide, as well as internationally.

Differences Between Inland Marine And Ocean Cargo Cases

Our firm often works with clients on cases involving two main types of cargo insurance: inland marine and ocean cargo.

Ocean cargo cases usually involve insurance of materials transported internationally — by sea, air or rail. Insurance coverage may include protection if the hull of a ship itself is damaged. Liability coverage may provide protection in the event of a cargo container causing an injury, or if environmental damage is caused by a cargo ship running aground.

Inland marine cases relate to cargo shipped by land within the United States. Inland marine insurance coverage can also allow a shipper to protect their goods beyond a warehouseman’s legal liability coverage, or to safeguard the value of expensive items such as computers or luxury items while in transit.

Work With A Firm Full Of Industry Leaders

Our attorneys are thought leaders within the specialized niche of transportation insurance law. Our partners and associates belong to industry associations such as the Conference of Freight Counsel, the Trucking Industry Defense Association and the Transportation Lawyers Association. They publish and present regularly on topics that include cargo packaging liability, cargo loss mitigation and recoverable damages for cargo claims.

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