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We Solve General Liability Coverage Issues

The goal of commercial general liability (CGL) insurance is to thoroughly cover a business for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage claims resulting from the organization’s business. While this type of insurance provides comprehensive protection for the insured, complex issues regarding the extent of coverage often arise.

McMickle, Kurey and Branch, LLP can help you navigate the complex and frequently changing nature of general liability litigation and coverage. Court decisions impacting the interpretation and application of general liability coverage are issued regularly around the country, and we stay abreast of those decisions.

Case Types Our Firm Has Handled Successfully

Here is a sampling of the types of issues in CGL cases that our firm’s attorneys have handled successfully:

  • Conflicts centered on definitions of what constitutes an “occurrence” or “accident” and the number of occurrences or accidents
  • Litigation arising from the interpretation of various exclusions and exceptions to policy terms, including employee exclusions and auto exclusions
  • Questions as to what constitutes “bodily injury” or “property damage”
  • The order in which coverage applies when other policies are also applicable
  • National litigation involving damage occurring over time and trigger of coverage, including analysis of various coverage trigger theories
  • Interplay between CGL coverage and automobile coverage
  • Issues involving the duty to defend

Contact Us With Your CGL Issues

If you have questions about or are facing issues involving general liability insurance, no matter how simple or complex, we would be glad to help you through the process. To speak to a lawyer, call our firm — located in Atlanta, Georgia, but serving clients nationwide — at 678-987-8123 or reach out to us using our online form.